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“I try to find the time to build my own dreams, but is mostly hired to build someone else´s dream" – Rikard Dahlman (a twist of a Farray Gray quote)

Intextive Typewriter 2.1 Released

October 25, 2014


Version 2.1 of Intextive Typewriter is available:

This update introduce some new features:

  •  AirPrint support.
  •  Double space is transformed into a period and space.
  •  Tab key (fixed tab-positions with 8 characters separation).
  •  Auto upper case after period, question mark, exclamation mark or new line.
  •  Swipe upwards on a key have the same effect as shift + key.
  •  Swipe downwards to get the character on the key followed by a space.
  •  Word suggestions can be disabled in settings (for ultra-distraction free writing).
  •  Clipboards functions have been moved: touch directly on words in text or insert point.
  •  Text can be selected by touching first and last word in selection.
  •  Changed headline style (Bold with separating line)
  •  Typeface changed to Courier. (Monospaced font is more appropriate for a classic typewriter.)
  •  Removed support for iCloud.

Intextive Typewriter 2.0 for iPad released on AppStore

February 23, 2013


Today version 2.0 of Intextive Typewriter is released on App Store (in Sweden and Finland).

Enjoy, review and send comments!

Hello world!

October 2, 2012


Welcome to the completely redesigned web-site for Dahlman Software Science AB!
I hope you will find it useful. Suggestions and feedback are welcome,

/Rikard Dahlman